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    Rules and regulations


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    Rules and regulations Empty Rules and regulations

    Post  Admin on Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:40 am

    Hello and welcome to the site. Before you enter please read the rules.

    1. No spamming in section that are not in the spam area. First time doing so will result in a warning, second time will result in a suspension.

    2. do not post links to porn videos, scam areas, and any of the sorts

    3. flame wars will result in an immediate suspension of the person or people who caused it.

    4. Keep topics in their respected areas, talking about a TV show in the video game category will be moved.


    1. No Godmodding, it will start with a warning, if it keeps happening the eventually you will be suspended for a day.

    2. do not take control of the story. To do so will give you a warning and a suspension if it keeps going.

    3. dont take anything in the roleplay forums seriously, its all in harmless fun.

    4. Keep the theme of the roleplay as it is, dont change it to a gore fest when its supposed to be a slice of life tyep roleplay.

    5. No controlling other peoples characters, it's not right dagnabbit.

    and finally 6. Have fun, go with it.

    Breaking any of the rules will result in a warning, then a suspension, then a longer suspension, then a ban.

    Well those are the rules I hope you enjoy the site and I bid you welcome to the Velvet Room.

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